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About this group:

Good Rebel is immensely honoured to have Spanky Project as the beneficiary of our February-April fundraiser. Spanky Project (named after the founder’s beloved late dog, Spanky, who inspired the founding of the mission after her passing in 2003), is a Canadian non-profit organization that holds multiple annual campaigns in Cuba to provide free spay/neuter campaigns.

Veterinarians volunteering from the United States, Canada and Mexico make their way down to carry out hundreds of sterilizations each year during Spanky Project's campaigns. They are joined by volunteering veterinarians and veterinary students from all over Cuba. These campaigns are truly a global community effort to improve the lives of animals.

Spay/neuter is a procedure that is common in Canada, but in Cuba where the cost of a sterilization costs roughly the same as one month’s salary, it is not accessible to many people. For that reason, groups like Spanky Project make a vital difference in the lives of animals and the people who care for them by providing free access to this important procedure.

Not only does Spanky Project provide free sterilization to pet owners, they also provide access to sterilization to colonies of feral cats and dogs. This means that dozens of animals from colonies, who would otherwise be continually reproducing and bringing more newborns into dangerous conditions on the street and putting a further strain on their caregiver’s already limited resources, can have a chance to end the cycle of reproduction and inevitable tragedy. Good Rebel's founders have met with a number of colony caregivers in Havana who attested to the immense difference that Spanky Project's campaigns made for the welfare of the animals they care for. It was upon meeting two such heroes to the animals in Havana that Good Rebel's founders were made aware of Spanky Project's work in 2018, and made a commitment to support it with one of our fundraisers. 

Spanky Project works in collaboration with CEDA, Cubanos en Defensa de los Animales, another group Good Rebel proudly supports. CEDA runs regular adoptathons for homeless animals, coordinates rescue missions of stray and injured animals, and also provides regular humane animal treatment education sessions- vital in a country with no animal protection laws.

While animal owners wait for their pet to be sterilized at Spanky Project campaigns, they are given free humane animal treatment education sessions. Information is critical in changing cultural norms around animals everywhere in the world, and providing lessons and knowledge on how to care for one’s pet is another invaluable service that Spanky Project provides.

Spanky Project also collaborates with the Cuban government's animal control arm to facilitate the administration of the rabies vaccine, another very important aspect of animal health and welfare. 

Before the COVID-19 tragedy struck, Spanky Project had intended to run multiple massive sterilization campaigns in Cuba in 2020. In February, their successful campaign achieved 522 sterilizations. Their goal of 1000 sterilizations in 2020 was unfortunately cut short as a result of the pandemic. However, they plan to make up for lost time later in 2021, as soon as they are authorized to resume their campaigns. Good Rebel is so proud to raise funds for their exceptional work, which will allow for the purchase of veterinary medication, anaesthetics, vaccines and surgical supplies. 

To learn more about Spanky Project’s amazing work for animals, click here.

About this donation:

Since 2016, each month Good Rebel selects a different non-profit group that advances animal welfare, to which we make a donation. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our monthly donation consisted of a share of the proceeds from our house-made vegan sandwiches. One of the impacts on our business of the pandemic and our attempts to flatten the curve is our scaling back of our operations. Our sandwich production has been suspended as we focus our efforts on our core function of grocery retail. However, we are still committed to using our platform and resources to supporting the non-profit groups that are working to make the world a better place. 

As of August 2020, groups are featured for a 3 month period, in order to maximize the impact of the funds raised for the group. 

To support this period's beneficiary, simply add the $5 donation to your cart, with the quantity you would like- the minimum amount is of course $5, and you can add as many multiples of $5 as you would like. 

At the end of the period, Good Rebel will match the amount raised, dollar for dollar, and electronically remit the funds raised to the beneficiary. 

Thank you for generously supporting our efforts to support these groups doing such good in the world. Good Rebel's mission is to make the world a kinder place for all animals, and we are proud to share our platform and resources with likeminded organizations, so we can further the impact we are all making.  

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