One Time DONATION To Our Featured Non-Profit: Shelter Pif (Donetsk, Ukraine)

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About this group:

Good Rebel is immensely honoured to have Shelter Pif in Donetsk, Ukraine, as the beneficiary of our May-July fundraiser. 

Since 2014 this region of one of the poorest countries in Europe has been under siege by a Russian invasion, violently attempting to annex the region. Civilians have been caught in the crossfire, with over 13,000 dead to date. As is the case in any war zone, animals are also victims and many are abandoned, injured by military fighting, and struggle to survive harsh winters on the street, starvation, and their populations remain unmanaged due to lack of spay/neuter services, and the spread of disease. Shelter Pif had been working before the violence increased to provide rabies vaccination and spay/neuter access, and between 2011-2015 sterilized 8000 dogs and reduced the stray population by 30%. When the violence increased, this program was suspended, and the number of animals on the street bounced back.

As thousands of Ukrainians fled their homes seeking safety from the fighting, many left their pets behind, either because they simply could not take them, or because their dogs were roaming at the time, as many do in small villages. The resulting numbers of strays needed someone to care for them, and Shelter Pif stepped up to the challenge. They’ve also taken in the resident animals of other shelters on the frontlines of the fighting that were forced to close so the workers could flee the violence.

Currently caring for about 800 dogs, the shelter has been accepting strays and newly abandoned animals as people continue to leave their homes, and strays continue to reproduce. Soldiers bring injured animals to the shelter from both sides of the frontlines, and Shelter Pif turns no one away. Shelter Pif receives no financial support from the government, and relies solely on donations to care for the animals they look after. Donations are used to purchase food, medication, and provide maintenance of the animals, many of whom will live at the shelter for years, as well as veterinary care for injured and ill animals.

Good Rebel is proud to support this excellent cause of people working bravely in a conflict zone to provide help and love to the animals caught in the violence. 

To learn more about Shelter Pif's amazing work for animals, click here.

About this donation:

Since 2016, each month Good Rebel selects a different non-profit group that advances animal welfare, to which we make a donation. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our monthly donation consisted of a share of the proceeds from our house-made vegan sandwiches. One of the impacts on our business of the pandemic and our attempts to flatten the curve is our scaling back of our operations. Our sandwich production has been suspended as we focus our efforts on our core function of grocery retail. However, we are still committed to using our platform and resources to supporting the non-profit groups that are working to make the world a better place. 

As of August 2020, groups are featured for a 3 month period, in order to maximize the impact of the funds raised for the group. 

To support this period's beneficiary, simply add the $5 donation to your cart, with the quantity you would like- the minimum amount is of course $5, and you can add as many multiples of $5 as you would like. 

At the end of the period, Good Rebel will match the amount raised, dollar for dollar, and electronically remit the funds raised to the beneficiary. 

Thank you for generously supporting our efforts to support these groups doing such good in the world. Good Rebel's mission is to make the world a kinder place for all animals, and we are proud to share our platform and resources with likeminded organizations, so we can further the impact we are all making.  

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