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Support for Cuba's Animal Protection Networks

Good Rebel is continuing our collection of veterinary medicine and supplies, including those which are opened, used or expired, to deliver to a number of grassroots animal protection networks in Cuba.

The crushing trade embargoes, difficult economic situation and import restrictions in Cuba mean that the vets and animal protectors in the country are often unable to access basic medical supplies. These challenging circumstances are compounded by the fact that spay/neuter surgeries are costly in Cuba, so the number of street animals is abundant.

Good Rebel has permanently extended our collection campaign, so that supplies can be dropped off to our shop at any time, and will be transported down on a regular basis by the supporters of the animal protection network.

For a full list of the most helpful medications, which include basic pet store items such as flea and tick medications which are common in Canada but expensive, rare and truly life-saving in Cuba, please take a look at the
Cuban Animal Rescue website.