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Support for Cuba's Animal Protection Networks


We accept donations of veterinary medicine (excluding pain killers, which cannot be imported) and supplies, including those which are opened, used or recently expired, to deliver to a number of grassroots animal protection networks throughout Cuba. In addition to veterinary medication, basic supplies like gauze, rubbing alcohol, flea treatments and antibiotic ointment, as well as pet food and supplements are also extremely helpful in Cuba where resources like these are scarce and commercial pet food is not manufactured. 

The crushing trade embargoes, increasingly difficult economic situation and import restrictions in Cuba mean that the vets and animal protectors in the country are often unable to access basic medical supplies.

Cuba is also facing a food crisis which means that the already limited rations are rarely enough to adequately feed stray animals. These challenging circumstances are compounded by the fact that spay/neuter surgeries are costly in Cuba, so the number of street animals is abundant.

There are no formal animal shelters in Cuba, and those individuals who offer refuge to stray and abandoned animals in their private homes do not receive any government funding.

Good Rebel has extended our collection campaign indefinitely, so that supplies and food can be dropped off to Good Rebel at any time, and will be transported down on a regular basis by local supporters of the Cuban animal protection network.


The refuge at Dr. Gladis Corria Ochoa's home in Santa Marta, Cuba.
Dr. Gladis is a true hero for the stray, sick and abused animals in Cuba and one of the animal protectors Good Rebel very proudly supports. 
Dr. Gladis has been instrumental in facilitating the required vaccination and documentation for countless Cuban street animals in order for them to be adopted by Canadian families. The process is simple, and affordable by Canadian standards (about $100 to add a cat or dog to your plane ride home). If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat from Cuba, please reach out.
You can learn more about Dr. Gladis' work on her Facebook page here